Sunday, June 13, 2010

One Busy Bunny!

Wow! We are sorry about not keeping up with our blog every week, but I've just been so busy hopping from event to event and meeting so many wonderful people along the bunny trail, that I haven't had time to just sit down and tell y'all!

We had an incredible experience finding ourselves "nominated" for an Honor from the Los Angeles Business Journal, as "Women In Business Who Make A Difference" , I want to thank Shirley Vinock my friend and amazing Hypnotherapist for mentioning the process to everyone. Huge thank you to Lindey Lambert of who is very talented writer and social media expert. She helped me write my bio! Thank you for everything Lindey, she is the person who sent in my nomination! I have to admit I was
completely overwhelmed when I entered the room full of fabulous women in business! I had a moment to pose with Desiree Doubrox of, someone I admire and several other ladies that encourage me all the time!

My Bunny and Me, we got to go to the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, one of the most gracious and luxury hotels in downtown Los Angeles. You see, we are Valley People, and going to Downtown Los Angeles is not what we do on purpose! I was so happy when I heard that my good friend Kay Wallace of was also nominated and we car pooled. Well, it was quite the trip! Two Wild and Crazy Ladies in a Hot Yellow Corvette! There we were, on our way to a room filled with Powerful Women, all who make a huge difference.

By the way,the story of us getting lost let it be known, "I knew exactly where I was at all times .. I was on the wrong street! " And the fact that Valet gave us VIP treatment and parked our car right up front so we didn't have to wait in line ... nice!

I was so worried MY Bunny And Me might actually win, because I realized I would have to get up on a large stage and talk to everyone! There were over 600 people in the room! The thought of getting up on that stage to talk, made the bunny I was holding look like it had a vibrator built into it .. and I could feel my knees start to knock when they started to get to my categories "Philanthropist" and under "Volunteer" We sat at a table with CEO's of HUGE Corporations and Executives from Dream Works Entertainment! I felt like a little bunny in the corner, praying .. don't call my name. I would faint, or worse .. wet myself! When the lovely person who did win was called, let me just tell you that My Bunny and ME felt a wave of relief! So this is where you I SAY "Oh it was an honor to be nominated and WHEW!"

For those of you who actually know me, you would probably be shocked! Because I've have no problem talking in front of groups of people! I have no fear to speak from my heart when I speak to my "networking groups" but 600 people, on a stage, with a big screen of me? wow heart did an aerobic workout! However, Some day, I'll get over that! :)

Then of course we did all our networking events and attended a fabulous fundraiser for the American Foundation of Prevention of Suicide. We donated a bunny and attended their Casino Night and we had a blast!
Of course one of our bunnies was there on the silent auction table, and who fell in love with it? Yep, Mariette Hartley! The lady who founded this foundation! And the very same Mariette Hartley I grew up watching on Rockford Files and all those fabulous and hysterical Polaroid Commercials. She bid and won the bunny and ordered it for her grandson Milo. She is as delightful in person as she was on television. When I went to deliver her the Bunny, I decided to give her a Jr. Blanket with satin back and Lovie to match. She Flipped over it all and we are now officially on board to help the American Suicide Prevention Foundation with bunny sales!

for more information about AFSP for the Los Angeles Chapter please go go:

We are so excited about the fact that we are affiliating ourselves with several other charities and will announce them as they are released! This is truly turning out to the THE BUNNY THAT JUST KEEPS ON GIVING!

Until we meet again ... On the Bunny Trail!!!