Sunday, May 2, 2010


My Bunny and Me, we hip hop all day! We even dance hip hop on Tuesday nights at Chris Rudy's Oasis Personal Gym. If you want to join us some Tues night contact for details.

But most of the time we are hip hopping to Networking Events! It's amazing but somehow we manage to have more fun than anyone who attends. Along the Bunny Trail, this last week we met the most amazing people.

I'm pleased to say that I can now call Miguel Gonzalez my friend! He is the owner of Philantropy Realtors. This lovely man donates a portion of his commission directly from escrow into the charity of the buyer or seller's choice! WOW! has just agreed to create his own TEAM for The Light The Night Walk in November! Welcome aboard the the fundraising fun Miguel, and thank you so much! He is organizing a Motorcycle Ride to raise money, so if any of you out there want to join in that fun, let me know I'll hook you up! vrrroooom$$$vrrrrooom!

A giant Bunny Thank You to Loren West, she bought a bunny for a co-worker's child who was just diagnosed with Leukemia! God bless this little boy, Isaiah is 8 years old. I'm sure the bunny will bring him comfort while he's in his treatment. Because it's "wash and dry" it will be perfect for him while he goes thru his treatments and give him comfort! What a special and thoughtful person you are Loren, her business specializes in making hand made fabulous cards, check her website out! What a talent!

We ended up at Fun finished Friday at Red Ginger in Woodland Hills! Oh wow, the bunny had the best time of all! As you can see:

Met up with some of our networking pals. Where the gals got poor bunny hooked on Sake! I wasn't sure she was going to be up to Saturday where we attended the Mother Daughter Tea at Chatsworth Hills Academy for their Mother-Daughter- Tea fundraiser! We were there last year and were a huge hit, this year the little girls were so happy to see us! Only thing is, these little girls grew in just a year! wow! My Bunny and I hardly recognized them! Several of the girls are on my happy customer page and now I'm going to add their NEW photo's to it with their NEW bunnies. They are determined to collect one of ever color! After all, these bunnies are collector items according to one of the little girls. I said to her "YES THEY ARE! You should have one in each color" and she said "YES!" I love this little girl! They do teach those kids to think at that school!
This is Grace, and she now is starting her collection! I love Grace! :)

Until we meet again on the Bunny Trail .. stay hoppy!

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