Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What an Exciting LIFE!

My Bunny and Me live the most exciting life. We continue to meet the best people on the Bunny Trail. It amazes me how many wonderful, giving, loving people come across our path!

We belong to many networking organizations, and no matter where we go, its a hopping good time. We are extremely proud to be apart of OUR COMMON THREAD a women based business networking group along with the most dynamic group of women who all own their own business's. Like minded women! How fabulous! http://www.ourcommonthread.com/

Last Friday Gina Lapiner one of our member's who is a incredible Investment Counselor with Edward Jones invited us to her house and wow she's not only brilliant but what a phenomenal cook she is! She hosted a fun filled event including Lori Rosenberg who showed us how to put the most fabulous outfits together with her Cabi clothing line. http://lorirosenberg.cabionline.com/ really knows her stuff! (stay tuned for photo's of me in all the clothes I bought .. hey a girls gotta look good when she's out networking and hopping around! Along with her was Stacey Dawes who is the designer and owner of Funkie Junk, http://www.funkiejunk.com/ she has the most amazing leather accessories I've ever seen. Bunny and Me of course just had to have a lap top bag in the most plush leather and turquoise stone! Oh .. stunning and yummy to touch! Bunny loved it! And what Bunny Wants, Bunny Gets! (oh wait, maybe that's ME)
and Dana Ouvier of Silpada Jewelry topped it off with all the accessories you could ever want!
What a great night! My LIGHT THE NIGHT BUNNY was the hit of the night and everyone hugged on her! While I was busy trying on clothes and spending money! And supporting my fellow networking friends. We LOVE to do business with people we know and who support US!

Most exciting news is that Our Common Thread has also voted to be a TEAM in the LIGHT THE NIGHT 2010 Walk and Stacey Dawes has offered to be the Team Captain. Wow, we are going to shake it up this year!

MY BUNNY AND ME also had the pleasure of attending the Warner Center Business Professionals lunch, we love this group too. This week they invited Anne Hillbert known as the Network Navigator, she can be reached at www.MyNetworkNavigator.com Anne teaches you what to do with all the business cards you get at networking events and how to really help you build your business.

Then I was most delighted because Laura Runsten, the Campaign Manager of LIGHT THE NIGHT 2010, explained to everyone exactly what The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society really does! This group has also voted to be a TEAM and walk to help raise money for LLS. I'm so excited because this is another powerful group of business owners who make a difference in the world. CJ Larkin of Cruises Inc, who will do "Anything to Float Your Boat" has volunteered to be the Team Captain. You see? We just keep finding wonderful generous people in our lives! LIFE IS HOPPING GOOD!

Of course TEAM MY BUNNY AND ME are still looking for others to join our team!
As a member of the Executive Committee to put the Light The Night 2010 Walk of Lights being held November 6th, 2010 on a Saturday evening! Its our mission to find as many teams as possible to walk the walk! So if you or anyone you know wants to participate in anyway please have them contact us! You can sign up right now to walk on our team by clicking this link! Some bunny will love you if you do!

Until we meet again on the BUNNY TRAIL .. My Bunny and Me (Linda) send you tight Bunny Hugs!

Remember to "Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars!" a quote from one of my favorite mentors ... Les Brown

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Bunny and Me have had the most amazing week. Bunnies are hopping off the shelves and little children and several adults that have received them, all have happy little faces!

On our bunny trail, we met fabulous people and saw old friends, and where ever My Bunny goes, huge smiles and joy appear. Watching everyones face when they hug the bunny is what give "ME" the awe feeling all the time.

Most exciting accomplishment was learning how to actually do this "blog thing" and what buttons do what! Learning how to be hi tech pushes me out of my comfort zone, but then once I get it, I feel so smart! It's great! You should all try it! Get out of your comfort zone and grow! Whoohoo!

I want to thank a wonderful lady, whom I met on "The Bunny Trail" Her name is Lindey Lampert, she is a fabulous person, and a great writer. If you need help with "copy" or need to write a "bio" she's the one! Thank you Lindey. After reading my bio she wrote, I said, "oh no no no, tooooo much me me me" She said .. "Its a BIO!" So if you need someone to make you sound like you should sprout wings any minute, she's the one to call! hahaha So when you read my bio on my soon to be released NEW and Improved Website, don't laugh because I'm going to ad a photo of some angel on there. But you all know ... the truth! hahahah

Speaking of my soon to be released new and improved MyBunnyandme Web Site! Phyllis Chotin of chotincommunications.com You continue to exceed my expectations!

My EAR-Resisitible Bunny and Me .. had the pleasure of attending a Women's Information Network "Be The Change" conference and once again had the please of spending time
with fabulous women in business who are all making a difference! I got to see my favorite speaker of all time, Mr. Les Brown! And Lisa Nichols wow what a day My Bunny and Me had! However, so regretful that I forgot my camera! I know, I can't believe it either. But the education and empowerment came thru my heart so I know I will never forget it!

Looking forward to another hip hopping happy heartfelt week ahead!
Meantime, it's Sunday and My Bunny and Me are resting!

Until we meet again on the bunny trail .. Be well, Be Happy and Be Empowered and most of all Be Grateful ... WE ARE!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome from My Bunny and Me

Welcome to My Bunny and Me’s First Blog ever! I’m Linda Mallut, the owner of My Bunny and Me, featuring the EAR-Resistible Bunny and all of the matching accessories for everyone from babies to toddlers and little children, teens and adults all the way to seniors! Yep, that’s everyone!

This is my ‘Bunny’ ...

Bunny says being EAR-Resistible is easy. Her job is to ride around with Linda (aka ‘Me’ of My Bunny and Me) and get hugged at all the events and meetings. Once people hug her, and feel how soft and squishy and huggable she is, they fall in love. Then they learn she’s super special because she’s made in America, goes in the washer and dryer and cleans up like new and serves the community by raising funds for worthwhile charities! At that point everyone wants a Bunny! It’s a good thing she multiplies easily!

You see, she’s the Bunny that just keeps on giving! The ‘Light the Night’ logo on her ear means she work to raise the funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).
Twenty percent of every dollar she makes goes to the LLS to continue patient services and research! The LLS is near and dear to our hearts. Thank you LLS for discovering the test study, SGN35, that saved our dear friend Becky's life! We nick-named it Some Good News 35!

This is why my Bunny and Me do so much networking. Together, we go to more events than anyone we know! And we make a point to have tons of fun while meeting the most fascinating people! Sometimes, they offer services or a product we can use right away. Other times we just love someone and keep their number for the future. You never know when someone else we meet along the way is going to ask us for a referral. If they do, then presto, hippity hop, we connect them on the spot!

We love it when connections multiply! Because Bunny and Me meet so many wonderful people we thought it would be fun to feature them here! We can’t help but spread the word about anyone special we network with or who purchases a bunny and supports us along the Bunny Trail!

Our first shout out goes to Kathy Rappaport, of Flash Frozen Photography! She is an amazing photographer and has a promotion this month for anyone who books a child’s photo session with her, if you do, you’ll receive a FREE yes FREE EAR-Resistible Bunny!

Be sure to check her site out! and give her a call for your Mother’s Day special! www.flashfrozenphotography.com

Thanks for joining us! We are so grateful to be on this exciting journey! Stay tuned and watch for more photo’s of Bunny and Me and the folks we meet as we hop along the Bunny Trail!