Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Bunny and Me have had the most amazing week. Bunnies are hopping off the shelves and little children and several adults that have received them, all have happy little faces!

On our bunny trail, we met fabulous people and saw old friends, and where ever My Bunny goes, huge smiles and joy appear. Watching everyones face when they hug the bunny is what give "ME" the awe feeling all the time.

Most exciting accomplishment was learning how to actually do this "blog thing" and what buttons do what! Learning how to be hi tech pushes me out of my comfort zone, but then once I get it, I feel so smart! It's great! You should all try it! Get out of your comfort zone and grow! Whoohoo!

I want to thank a wonderful lady, whom I met on "The Bunny Trail" Her name is Lindey Lampert, she is a fabulous person, and a great writer. If you need help with "copy" or need to write a "bio" she's the one! Thank you Lindey. After reading my bio she wrote, I said, "oh no no no, tooooo much me me me" She said .. "Its a BIO!" So if you need someone to make you sound like you should sprout wings any minute, she's the one to call! hahaha So when you read my bio on my soon to be released NEW and Improved Website, don't laugh because I'm going to ad a photo of some angel on there. But you all know ... the truth! hahahah

Speaking of my soon to be released new and improved MyBunnyandme Web Site! Phyllis Chotin of You continue to exceed my expectations!

My EAR-Resisitible Bunny and Me .. had the pleasure of attending a Women's Information Network "Be The Change" conference and once again had the please of spending time
with fabulous women in business who are all making a difference! I got to see my favorite speaker of all time, Mr. Les Brown! And Lisa Nichols wow what a day My Bunny and Me had! However, so regretful that I forgot my camera! I know, I can't believe it either. But the education and empowerment came thru my heart so I know I will never forget it!

Looking forward to another hip hopping happy heartfelt week ahead!
Meantime, it's Sunday and My Bunny and Me are resting!

Until we meet again on the bunny trail .. Be well, Be Happy and Be Empowered and most of all Be Grateful ... WE ARE!

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