Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome from My Bunny and Me

Welcome to My Bunny and Me’s First Blog ever! I’m Linda Mallut, the owner of My Bunny and Me, featuring the EAR-Resistible Bunny and all of the matching accessories for everyone from babies to toddlers and little children, teens and adults all the way to seniors! Yep, that’s everyone!

This is my ‘Bunny’ ...

Bunny says being EAR-Resistible is easy. Her job is to ride around with Linda (aka ‘Me’ of My Bunny and Me) and get hugged at all the events and meetings. Once people hug her, and feel how soft and squishy and huggable she is, they fall in love. Then they learn she’s super special because she’s made in America, goes in the washer and dryer and cleans up like new and serves the community by raising funds for worthwhile charities! At that point everyone wants a Bunny! It’s a good thing she multiplies easily!

You see, she’s the Bunny that just keeps on giving! The ‘Light the Night’ logo on her ear means she work to raise the funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).
Twenty percent of every dollar she makes goes to the LLS to continue patient services and research! The LLS is near and dear to our hearts. Thank you LLS for discovering the test study, SGN35, that saved our dear friend Becky's life! We nick-named it Some Good News 35!

This is why my Bunny and Me do so much networking. Together, we go to more events than anyone we know! And we make a point to have tons of fun while meeting the most fascinating people! Sometimes, they offer services or a product we can use right away. Other times we just love someone and keep their number for the future. You never know when someone else we meet along the way is going to ask us for a referral. If they do, then presto, hippity hop, we connect them on the spot!

We love it when connections multiply! Because Bunny and Me meet so many wonderful people we thought it would be fun to feature them here! We can’t help but spread the word about anyone special we network with or who purchases a bunny and supports us along the Bunny Trail!

Our first shout out goes to Kathy Rappaport, of Flash Frozen Photography! She is an amazing photographer and has a promotion this month for anyone who books a child’s photo session with her, if you do, you’ll receive a FREE yes FREE EAR-Resistible Bunny!

Be sure to check her site out! and give her a call for your Mother’s Day special!

Thanks for joining us! We are so grateful to be on this exciting journey! Stay tuned and watch for more photo’s of Bunny and Me and the folks we meet as we hop along the Bunny Trail!

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